Lacking vitality and joy of life?

A shortage of these feelings is often due to iron deficiency.

The symptoms of iron deficiency usually sneak up on those affected and are still largely underestimated, as they can seem inconspicuous and not very harmful at first. The complaints can vary, as iron exists in every cell.

Apart from the well-known symptoms of

  • pale skin
  • brittle nails
  • hair loss
  • cracks in the corner of the mouth,

lesser-known symptoms include the following:

  • headaches, lack of concentration
  • fatigue, insomnia
  • depression, loss of libido

as well as

  • poor physical performance
  • shortness of breath
  • tachycardia (accelerated heart rate)
  • restless leg syndrome.

We want to help you!

Particularly my ability to concentrate in the morning has improved, which is vital for a student like me.

The feeling of dizziness is finally over.

I can again sleep all night long and I am no longer struggling to breathe.

I again feel like I have strength and power – I simply feel good.

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