Iron is a vital part of every cell in the human body, ...

...yet the body cannot produce it itself.

Iron is needed for the production of energy as well as the transport of oxygen. Since the human body loses approximately 1-2mg of iron per day, it is necessary to absorb the iron via one's daily food.

However, the iron contained in food only covers our normal needs.

If the need for iron is increased, particularly

  • during pregnancy
  • during heavy menstrual bleeding
  • for athletes or
  • before or after surgery,

this may lead to iron deficiency.

However, most of the time, the disparity between the need for and the offer of iron is due to a source of bleeding, such as the monthly period or insidious changes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Other reasons for a disturbance in the absorption of iron could be

  • diseases i.e. celiac disease
  • diets that are low in iron (i.e. vegetarians, vegans).

Particularly my ability to concentrate in the morning has improved, which is vital for a student like me.

The feeling of dizziness is finally over.

I can again sleep all night long and I am no longer struggling to breathe.

I again feel like I have strength and power – I simply feel good.

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